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Why online courses ?

« I've been working hard lately to learn French, but I have to go away for 3 weeks! I'm afraid I'll forget everything! »
Learning a language requires effort and consistency, like doing sports! Yet students often do not have the possibility to keep up with the pace. You have to leave Switzerland for a while? No problem, thanks to our online courses, you can continue studying even from abroad!

« I have been waiting for my visa for Switzerland for months and I feel like I am wasting my time! »
Don't just wait for your visa! Take advantage of this opportunity to start learning French online! This way once your visa is issued, you will already have some basic French!

« That's it! I'm moving to Switzerland soon, but I'm stressed because I don't speak a word of French! »
Don't worry! Thanks to our online courses, you can already learn the basics, which will be particularly useful for your first steps in your new life in Switzerland.

« I can't afford to waste time commuting to a language school. »
Our schedules are extremely busy, and it is sometimes difficult to free up time to learn a language. Online courses help you save time. With just a few clicks, you can access your course!

Online courses offer you convenience and flexibility!