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Who am I?


After obtaining a Master's degree in English and French Literature at the University of Lausanne, I started training in language teaching to adults. In 2012 I obtained a CAS in facilitating sessions for adults, which helped me acquire skills in andragogy and didactics.

Following this, I decided to specialize in DELF exams and obtained my DELF examiner accreditation in 2012. This has since enabled me to take part in the DELF exams as an examiner several times a year. This accreditation has allowed me to ensure that students are well prepared for the exams, as I know what is expected of them.

Since then, I have worked for several language schools, where I have taught French courses in groups, private or semi-private, working with quite different groups ranging from migrants to students, including employees of large multinational companies.

Teaching philosophy

Each teacher has his or her own vision of teaching, which is why I made the decision to work independently, in order to pursue my own philosophy. This philosophy is based on 3 fundamental principles: consistency, enjoyment, and customization. 

  • Consistency: learning a language is not an easy thing, so consistency helps the learner not to lose what he / she has learned and ensures the learner is progressing constantly.
  • Enjoyment: the notion of pleasure is fundamental in learning a language; by having fun, we forget the (sometimes) tiring side of grammar. I am therefore cheerful and integrate videos, internet, games, and cultural aspects of the language in order to diversify and boost courses as much as possible.
  • Customization: your desires, your needs, your course. All the benefits of taking a private course and finally reaching your objectives while meeting your expectations and fulfilling your needs.